Gone for Good

Not The End Of The Road


On my own now, at the coming of night
Sun is low now and I hope you’re alright
Funny how glory days seem miles away
It’s a cold town, got the wind in my face
Never know how, but I’m losing your trace
Funny how time keeps taking its toll on me

Oh, all our worries, all our joy
Oh, only withered leaves, that soon will be blown away

I put on a smile with
A tear in my eye
I thought I was braver
While living a lie
If I could start over
I know that I would
You’re making me see
now that you’re gone for good

Eyes are closed now, and it’s you that I see
In your gold gown, and you dance like a queen
Funny how all our yesterdays grow pale

One last bow down, looking back once again
Got to go now, need to know how it ends
Funny how our tomorrows grow todays