Voodoo Spell

Not The End Of The Road


It was, round midnight when I heard about your name
Forbiddingly calm, the words caught my mind
Darkness had fallen I was losing my brain
The first time we met, right off hypnotized 

A stare of the snake I was a helpless victim
Baby you struck me with no turning back
Something about you, mystic and uncertain
Pushed me right off the track 

Loving you is dancing with the devil
Take the lead and curse my soul to hell
In your eyes I find deceitful heaven
Loving you is like a voodoo spell


Drums beating angry when the things go out o’ hand
You whispered: “The Gods demand sacrifice” 
Havoc was raging I was under your command
And there was no doubt you captured my life 

Oh, I was at mercy doomed so nympholeptic
Blindfolded eyes you were a beast of craze
Never believed in witches or black magic 
But my heart was ablaze