Track Fun Facts – Deadly

Deadly was released in 2014 on the fourth Kissin' Dynamite album Megalomania as the 5th track. The song was written in B minor, has a 4/4 time signature and is 02:48 minutes long at a tempo of 146 beats per minute. From these attributes, Deadly matches Slipknot's Duality to a very large extent.

Deadly is to this day the only Kissin' Dynamite song not written by the band itself.

 Originally, Deadly was written for the band Tokio Hotel by Desmond Child and Dave Roth. Since it was never used, they offered it to Kissin' Dynamite. Deadly was described in the band's YouTube Track By Track as very commercial, poppy but catchy.

Thematically, it's about love (compare "Your love is deadly"). More precisely about a very hypnotic love, which makes the protagonist addicted and drives him crazy. The bridge between love and madness is built by several KD songs. For example, Voodoo Spell, to a certain extent Yoko Ono and She's a Killer.

Quellen: “A Road Paved With Gold” von Andi Schnitzer

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