All For A Halleluja

Not The End Of The Road


They say I run like the devil
Damn right and I have his evil frown
They see the horns on my forehead
I’m louche and it’s known all over town

Hell froze when I joined the club
Forgot myself and lost control
Confessed the sins to my saviour
The God of rock n roll

Don’t need a creed
Or guru guy
Who tells me what to see,
Cause Rock ,n Roll is still alive
Come on, if you know what i mean

Gimme all for a Halleluja, baby
All for a Halleluja, baby
All for a Halleluja
It’s ringing from hell, heaven rebels

All for a Halleluja, baby
Throw your hands up to the sky high, baby
All for a Halleluja
Let heaven rebel 

They think the cross that I’m wearing
Means faith but I simply like the glare
they deem the life that I’m living 
Is wrong and they still don’t get my hair 

So fake when they talk to us
Pointin’ a finger, blow their horn
But go to church every Sunday
And hope to be reborn