Yoko Ono

Not The End Of The Road


You know…She was the one, her certain something started driving me mad
I had her on the hook until she took the situation in hand
She went down down down, dead and gone was my will
Spinned me round round round and I swallowed the pill, my god
All that she said went to my head and history was my band

Shes a Yoko Ono
Im under her spell
Shes a Yoko Ono
My ticket to hell
Shes a Drop-Dead-Cheater
A Rockstar-Eater
Shes a Yoko Ono (Yoko Ono)

She brought the glitterati to the party in the name of world peace
She drove my cadillac right off the track and guess whos hiding the keys
We flew high high high,
I was paying the bills
Till I cried cried cried, but Im loving her still, guess what
That crazy bitch finally ditched me with a social disease