Not The End Of The Road


The world is colder since you`ve gone away
The clock still ticks but time has lost its sense
Feel like I’m shipwrecked on the ocean all alone
Tried to give up but life goes on

Every time i close my eyes
A part of me denies
Every time that I´m alone
I see what I´ve become
“Time will heal you” they have told me 
But i think that’s just a lie
All those wounds will only turn to scars until i die 

All my life came crashing down at once
Hollow sounds inside my head, I’m numb
I’m under water trying to drown all that i feel
I’m staying there to hide the tears 

Through I saw the storm I couldn’t stop the tide
And I lost my grip, I can’t hold on forever 
Now I´m floating where my feet can’t reach the ground
I am under water drowned my soul forever
`cause each time I see the scars it hurts the same