Not The End Of The Road Lyrics The world is colder since you`ve gone awayThe clock still ticks but time has lost its senseFeel like I’m shipwrecked on the ocean all aloneTried to give up but life goes on Every time i close my eyesA part of me deniesEvery time that I´m aloneI see what […]

Voodoo Spell

Not The End Of The Road Lyrics It was, round midnight when I heard about your nameForbiddingly calm, the words caught my mindDarkness had fallen I was losing my brainThe first time we met, right off hypnotized  A stare of the snake I was a helpless victimBaby you struck me with no turning backSomething about […]

Defeat It

Not The End Of The Road Lyrics No one can hold me backI was born to winAristocracyYou can watch and learnI know the magic wordsWater into wineThe pleasure is all mine And if the flame goes outI will make you burnTaking center stageDon’t wait for my turnAnd may the devil careWords are built on sandMy […]

Gone for Good

Not The End Of The Road Lyrics On my own now, at the coming of nightSun is low now and I hope you’re alrightFunny how glory days seem miles awayIt’s a cold town, got the wind in my faceNever know how, but I’m losing your traceFunny how time keeps taking its toll on me Oh, […]

No One Dies A Virgin

Not The End Of The Road Lyrics Slurp another oysterA slimy little joyMirrors serve the main course None but the real McCoy Why not risk a gambleHow eonderful the prizeThere’s no cause for worriesYou toss a loaded dice But in timeCalls your lifeAnd it makes you lose your cocky winner-smile  No one dies a virginIn the […]

All For A Halleluja

Not The End Of The Road Lyrics They say I run like the devilDamn right and I have his evil frownThey see the horns on my foreheadI’m louche and it’s known all over town Hell froze when I joined the clubForgot myself and lost controlConfessed the sins to my saviourThe God of rock n roll […]

Coming Home

Not The End Of The Road Lyrics We nearly die with laughterWe raise a hue and cryWe hunt that witch we’re afterAnd never wonder whyThe man inside the mirror’s gonna knowI’m coming home, oh We do a lotta talkingWith nothing said at allWe gear up for the rockingAnd just forget to rollThe man inside the […]

Yoko Ono

Not The End Of The Road Lyrics You know…She was the one, her certain something started driving me madI had her on the hook until she took the situation in handShe went down down down, dead and gone was my willSpinned me round round round and I swallowed the pill, my godAll that she said […]

Good Life

Not The End Of The Road (featuring Saltatio Mortis, Charlotte Wessels & Guernica Mancini) Lyrics Show me a sign of a world to come we never dared to dream ofWater into wine, where the sky behind the clouds is getting clearerWhere all the children, inside us take the lead andWhere the oceans are filled with […]

Only The Dead

Not The End Of The Road Lyrics Only the dead will be free from sorrowOnly the dead can beat off the painOnly the dead don`t give a damn  On a rollercoasterMercy of the windDrinking from the holy grailThey try to wash away the sins Insincere confessionArtificial smilesChasing rainbows and the fast buckBut the water`s getting […]